Nurse In Training

20082h 8m

Part 1 - Student nurse Missy's first patient turns out to be a very unruly girl, Vicky - but Missy and the male doctor manage to subdue Vicky after a long struggle, and they put her in a straitjacket. The exam, mostly in bondage, includes all of Vicki's body cavities; in particular, vaginal and anal. Then it's suppositories and enemas with large squeeze bulbs, not only for the patient but also (to reassure the agitated patient) for the nurse! Peeing in a bucket, and expelling her enema in a bucket and on the toilet - still in the straitjacket - is also part of what patients must endure.

Studio: A Wizard of Ass
Director: Andre Chance
Starring: Missy, Vicky
Categories: Bondage, Fetish, Nurses, Pegging
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